Moon Gate Gift Pathworking


Written by Ivo Dominguez Jr • Narration by James C. Welch • Background music  by Ivo.

Can be use at any time in the Moon’s cycles.


The Power To Choose

Close your eyes and move inwards. Take a deep breath and become aware of any distractions from the outside world— sounds, sensations, thoughts and feelings that came with you to this moment. Gather these distractions together ••••• and bid them depart until you return from this journey. •••••

Open your eyes briefly and then close them again holding within yourself the image of where you are in the here and now.

Roll your shoulders and sway slightly in your chair and find your center of gravity. Take three deep breaths and exhale each breath slowly. Become aware of the place that is your center of gravity and then become aware of the place that is your center of consciousness within yourself. The place that is your center right now. Also become aware of the place within you that is the Above, •  the place that when you close your eyes and you look upwards • feels like the highest place within. 

And take a deep breath and slowly glide upwards where your inner eyes gaze upwards towards the heavens within. •• Breath by breath rise upwards following your inward gaze. • Now look far above you. There are clouds glowing with that peculiar color that tells you that the full moon is behind the clouds. • With each breath you rise up closer and closer to the moonlit clouds. 

You continue rising upwards until all you see is the glowing clouds. • With each breath you feel yourself grow lighter and lighter, weighing less than the air. And you pass through the clouds. The clouds are drenched moonlight. The upward motion is slowing down as you pass through the tops of the clouds. And you stand upon a landscape of clouds.  ••

You come to rest atop a cloud that is towering high like a cliff. You look down from that cliff and you see other clouds rolling in and out, shifting in the moonlight as if they were ocean waves.•  Through breaks in the clouds you see the land and the sea far below you. • Far above you see the Moon, larger and brighter and fuller than you have ever seen it before. A few thin wisps of high clouds like feathers pass in front of the Moon glowing brighter as they catch the light. • • Those wisps of clouds twirl silently and descend towards you. • They spiral down until they touchdown upon the edge of the billowing cliff of clouds. The fine traceries of cloud still glowing as if they had been silvered in the moonlight begin to form a spiral stairway. •

The stairway continues rising upward from the top of the clouds toward the deep of the sky above. • The stairway is still forming as it rises upwards, but you begin to climb the steps nonetheless. You see more steps forming as you climb higher and higher into the night sky. •

The stairs have risen so high now that the clouds have been replaced with the dark of space. The stairs are made of filigrees of moonlight and stardust, bright against the deep of night. You go higher and higher until you are before what seems to be the Moon itself. • • You have a moment of confusion because it can’t be the Moon, it seems close enough to touch. • And although large it does not seem large enough, or you’ve become gigantic. • It is so bright that you can barely look at it. The brightness ripples and pulls you in. ••

All around you is blue and purple and violet. At first it doesn't make sense at first but then comes into focus. You look and see that you are standing in a place where the floor, the ceiling, and the walls are made of amethyst and lapis lazuli and sapphire. • It is like a palace or a cathedral. •

Through great arched windows you see in the distance the bright Sun far far away. Through another the Earth so far, so far away, that it seems like a turquoise agate. You hear the sound of wind and temple bells. • • There is now an adytum, an innermost sanctum of marble columns twined with moon flowers and jasmine at the far end of the palatial hall. • • The sanctum shines with a light that seems to come from nowhere and everywhere. • There are fine drops of dew upon the flowers and the leaves on the vines. Each dew drop is a sparkling star. •

You walk to the center of the sanctum. Somehow it is larger than you thought it would be. •  There is a pool filled with something that is like water but is not water. • • You see a shimmering outline moving inside the sanctum. • It is more or less human shaped though shifting as it moves.  Their outline present but their features hidden. • A high voice, perhaps a woman or a child’s voice asks you to look closely. The figure is becoming denser, with hints of a kind face becoming visible.•• It is a Moon Goddess; you are sure of it now.

You hear a strange, ethereal melody, just barely at the edge of your hearing. • You look up and see that she is brushing her hands across the sweet scented flowers that fill the sanctum and twine around the pool. The starry sparkling dew that clings to her fingers allows you to see her hands more clearly. •

 She flicks her finger and casts the dew drops into the pool with one smooth and silent motion. • You watch ripples and swirls form in the pool …  more complex than you would imagine would arise from droplets. The pool swirls faster and with changing colors and forms beyond naming. 

Once again you hear her voice.  This time her voice is deep, and echoes within your mind. She tells you:

“Each of those moving, shifting patterns are possibilities, forks in the road of reality. • Look closely. • Which do you choose? Do you know? I give you three breaths to decide.” • (count to 18)

Some of the swirls fade.  Some of the ripples vanish.  Others grow brighter and more intense. • Suddenly there is a strong powerful pull on both your hands. She is pulling your hands to dip them into the pool. You dip your hands into the pool and you feel the charge •• of dipping your hands •• into the magic of manifestation. • (count to 13)

She pulls your hands back out. Your hands are dripping with the stars in the waters and opalescent light. ••

She holds your clasped hands above your head and you feel the droplets fall upon the crown of your head.  •• 

With the voice kindly, but frightening, she says:

“ You must remember You must know. You must know the difference between the things that can be and the things that cannot be. •

The things that must never be and those that can be nurtured. ••”

You look upon your hands as she lowers them until they are at your eye level and releases them. Some of the droplets that still cling to your fingers and melt into your skin and into your blood. • You sit down on the edge of the pool, overcome by the energy and the ideas. •••

She says, 

“And I bless you with the power to make choices that lead to more choices.”

Her words echo. ••••  It seems as if the air has gotten thinner it is harder to breathe. • 

You feel her gently lift you up. • The pool has risen as well. The liquid is floating in the air and has become the Moon Gate.  •• She nudges you through the shining circle of light that is the Gate of the Moon in the upper world. She sets you upon the steps of moonlight and you begin your homeward journey.  As you descend the steps, they fold and retract •• and fold and retract •• step by step •• taking you down down to the clouds. 

You land upon the clouds, tired but satisfied. • The clouds are thinning and can no longer support your weight. You are falling through them as if you were falling through feathers •• down, and down ••  onto the softest bed • with the softest pillow. Falling slower • and slower ••  until you find yourself seated in your room. 

You flutter your eyes open and find yourself back in the here and now. Back in the place where we began. Back in the place you held in your memory so that you could return. •••

Take a deep breath. Move your toes and fingers. Be here and in the now. Be here and in the now. And you are here!