Beltane 2021 Pathworking


Written by Ivo Dominguez Jr • Narration by James C. Welch
“Sweet Magick" from A Dream Whose Time Is Coming and Fire Souls Desire from Awakening The Dream are performed by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and written by Ivo.


Become The Magick

Close your eyes and move inwards. Take a deep breath and become aware of any distractions from the outside world— sounds, sensations, thoughts and feelings that came with you to this moment. Gather these distractions together ••••• and bid them depart until you return from this journey. •••••

Open your eyes briefly and then close them again holding within yourself the image of where you are in the here and now. See a sparkling mist rolling, slowly filling your vision. See it grow thicker, and thicker, and thicker until you are enveloped in swirls of pearly mist, rosy mist, that glistens with sparkling motes. ••••• Although you are still, you feel motion all around you. Although you are still, you feel the fog swirling all around you. ••The fog clears.

You are walking on a familiar sidewalk near your home and it seems to be in the morning. The air is still and there are only a few people out. • With each step you take there is a shift in the sunlight. • With each step you take it seems like another landscape, blurry and faint, overlaps with the everyday world. • Every three steps that you take moves you forward an hour. The sun is high in the sky and the familiar sidewalk is faint and blurry. • The sun has raced across the sky and it is low on the horizon •• You can see green grass and dandelions through the pavement. • You take more steps and the buildings around you are becoming translucent and you see a forest. • You knew that the magick of Beltane felt strong this year but this was more than you expected. •• You hear a song on the breeze tugging at your heart and a tingle in the air.

** Sweet Magick Chant •• Count to 20

You are in a field surrounded by a forest. The air is sweet with flowers and rich with the scent of the forest. Before you are four brothers, the source of the song, and they are beckoning you. • Beyond them you see a glorious sunset and a bonfire. • It looks like the Sun is setting in the bonfire. •• Other people are walking toward the bonfire. • You feel a pull to join them and walk toward the fire. • The four brothers nod as you go past them, their song resounding in your mind and body as your magick awakens more. ••••

You take your place at the outer edge of the crowd standing around the fire. • The sun has set. •• Three people step inward and stand closest to the bonfire. The first one is dressed in green. The second one in red. And the third in white decorated with silver. •You can feel the warmth of the fire as the evening chills the air.

The one clad in green goes to the fire. They are holding a branch covered in flowers in one hand. They say,

“By Leaf, and Flower, and Fruit

I Call the Green Flame Forth” ••

And they put the branch into the fire. •• You feel the power of the green world, the realm of plant life, buzzing and thrumming around you. A green flame rises and rises to spiral around the bonfire. •••

The one wearing in red goes to the fire. They are holding a long bone in one hand. They say,

“By Breath, and Blood, and Bone

I Call the Red Flame Forth” ••

They place the bone into the fire. •• You feel the power of the red world, the realm of animal life, its heartbeat and its dance around you. A ruby red flame rises like a column in the center of the bonfire.

The one in silver, garbed in moonlight, goes to the fire. They have a crystal pitcher filled with clear liquid with glints of light. They say.

“By Above, and Below, and Life Eternal

I Call the Silver Flame Forth” ••

They throw the liquid onto the bonfire. You feel the power of the spirit world, the realm of ethereal life, its silver bells and the tingle of cool electricity. Silver stars dance throughout the fire, sparks of brilliance rising into the sky. ••

The bonfire grows taller and taller. •• Above the fire floats a regal crown forged of flames of every color with jewels like stars.  •• Streaks of light spin around the crown like ribbons round a maypole dance••• The three who gave offerings to the fire speak as one,

“You are the monarch of your life. Draw upon the fire that connects the worlds and the realms of life and find your joy and purpose.” ••

Everyone looks deeply into the fire. ••

** Fire Soul’s Desire Chant (Count to 24)

The whole group says,

“The power of Beltane surrounds me, is in me, and moves through me!”

And you say it as well.


“The power of Beltane surrounds me, is in me, and moves through me!”


“The power of Beltane surrounds me, is in me, and moves through me!”

You feel vibrant and filled with the power of life and the passion to live. •••


The drumming begins, People dance and court the rhythm and the flames, others talk with friends, and some look upon all the beauty and take it in. 

(Count to 35)

A fog begins to swirl around you.•• The bonfire field fades from sight. •• The fog carries the sound of the drums away. •••• Although you are still, you feel motion all around you. You feel the swirling and the turning all around you. ••

Little by little,  the fog lifts and you flutter your eyes open and find yourself back in the here and now. Back in the place where we began. Back in the place you held in your memory so that you could return. •••

Take a deep breath. Move your toes and fingers. Be here and in the now. Be here and in the now. And you are here!