Shed, Release


In April of 1999, a woman who called herself Cobalt came to one of our sweat lodges. In the lodge she sang a chant that she'd written. Right after the sweat, I had her sing into the built in microphone on my computer so we would not forget the chant.  The sound quality is less than perfect, but it captures the moment. I've cleaned it up and converted it to an MP3.

There are so many uses for this chant.  I love it.

- Ivo


Shed, Release

Whatever It Takes, Whoever You Are. Heal The Wounds, Erase The Scars 

Allow Your Hearts To Be Wide Open. Shed, Release, Return Unbroken 

How Many Times Have You Gone Within. Only To Find Yourself There Again 

Shed, Release, Return Unbroken. Know Thyself This Truth Be Spoken 

By Cobalt