The Circle Of Light


Written by Gwendolyn Reece for a ritual to clear away confusion and misdirection.


The Circle of Light 

We weave, we weave the Circle of Light

In service, in service of all that is Right.

We weave, we weave the Circle of Light

Revealing, revealing what’s hidden from sight.

For Light is the Truth and Light purifies,

Revealing and cleansing miasma and lies.

Oh, Light of the Truth with your unflinching gaze,

Awaken us all from our dangerous daze.

By Gwendolyn Reece ©

Oh Visions


"Oh Visions" was written in the Spring of 1996 as I was preparing to teach a workshop on divination.

This is on our first chant CD. You may purchase it here.


Oh Visions

Self And Selfless 
Whole And Apart
True And Fearless
True To My Art 

I See Deep, I See Far
Oh Visions Come To Me 
True To My Heart
And What I See 

By Ivo Domínguez, Jr. ©