Feral Beauty


I wrote this chant in 1999 for use in a ritual to meet the Fae. This is a clip from "A Dream Whose Time Is Coming" a collection of chants recorded by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. 

- Ivo


Feral Beauty

Feral Beauty Of

The Green Woods,

Lead Me Down To

The Shining Groves Within

Joy And Sorrow,

Both Hope And Fear

Hold Your Heart

Where The Dreaming World Begins

By Ivo Domínguez, Jr.

Return To Life


I wrote this chant March 2, 2013 with help from Jim Welch for use with an initiation. It was used as a part of the return to life and rebirth as an initiate. The chant "Heart In The Balance" was also used in the same ritual.

- Ivo


Return To Life

Mind And Body 

And Heart And Soul

Spirit Within 

And Spirit Without

Many And One 

In The River Of Life

Now He Returns

To The Land Of Light

Now He Goes Forth

In The Land Of Life

-By Ivo Domínguez, Jr. 
& James C. Welch

Heart In The Balance


I wrote this chant March 2, 2013 for use with an initiation that involved the weighing of the heart by Anubis.

- Ivo


Heart In The Balance

Your Heart Lies In The Balance

Weighed Against Its Self

Your Heartbeats Have Been Counted

Judged By Law Divine

Who Are You Now?

Are You True Of Voice?

Now We Shall See

Now We Shall Know

-By Ivo Domínguez, Jr.