This site is intended as a resource for people to learn chants, songs, and such for use in their ceremonies and rituals. 

The quality and length of the recordings is good enough to learn the chants but not intended as a subsitute for buying music from pagan artists. Whenever possible I list the authors and the copyrights belong to them. You may use any of the chants I've written for any noncommercial purposes. 

More often than not the voices you will hear on the files I record will be my voice or with my other-half Jim  and sometimes coven/tradition-mates. Some will be by the artist with their permission.

Please download the chants files rather that always coming back to this site to hear them again. Bandwidth and webhosting costs money and sound files, even short ones like these, add up fast.

Please support pagan artists and local shops whenever you can.

Blessings, Ivo Dominguez Jr.