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In the early days (1996) of the pagan internet explosion, I maintained a Pagan chants archive that has long gone to dust. It is now being revived a chant at a time. All the chants need to be re-recorded as they were originally done in a low fidelity Real Audio format. This was fine in the days of slow connections, but it will no longer do. The chants are now being made available as MP3 and M4a files.

I hope you enjoy them and if you are interested in adding your chants here, contact me.

Whenever possible I will list authors and if it has been recorded by them.  Please buy their works if they are available. You may use any of the chants I have written for noncommercial purposes.

The three chant CDs created by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel are available here.

If you are feeling gratitude, please donate money to the New Alexandrian Library Project: www.newalexandrianlibrary.org