A Sampling of My Classes & Rituals

    The classes listed here (PDF Download) are a part of my repertoire and are ready to be presented.  If you have something specific in mind, let me know and I will tailor the class to the group’s needs.  The difficulty of the classes can be set from the beginners level to the advanced level as desired. All the classes (unless otherwise noted) are available in 1 1/2-4 hour, full day, or Full weekend formats. All the classes listed are also available as a series of classes. For example I have taught Astrology as 6 full weekends and Sweat Lodge as a year long process.  I have arranged these by category to give some order to this listing, but some of the classes cross these boundaries. The classes are taught from a decidedly Wiccan perspective, but are designed for the inclusion of people on many different paths. Descriptions for these workshops are available on request.

    The rituals listed are offered as a starting point for what might work in your venue. I have also been the primary organizer for many main rituals at conferences or gatherings

My schedule is here