Hand, Heart, Eye

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By Hand, Heart, & Eye,

In the name of community safety and integrity: 

I will notice.

I will discern.

I will act.


I will notice: is something happening? Does something seem strange, off or potentially dangerous? 

I will discern: Do I think something wrong or potentially dangerous is actually happening? Am I being triggered or made uncomfortable because of my own history? Do I need to ask some questions and get clarity?

I will act: Having determined that there is trouble, I will speak up. I will intervene. I will go to others. I will notify those with knowledge or the ability to affect the situation. 

       — The Seshat Alliance

You are a part of the solution to building a better community. If you feel so moved, take this pledge and share it. This pledge and graphic were created by the Seshat Alliance: Aeptha, T. Thorn Coyle, Ivo Dominguez Jr, Katrina Messenger, and Michael G. Smith. 

  © Ivo Dominguez Jr  • 2023